entrance to organic farmThis volunteer program is based at an organic farm in the Ecuadorian Andes that shares a beautiful valley with the famous Nariz del Diablo train.

Victor, who runs this volunteer work program, was born in the USA but came back to the country of his parents when his father became sick on dialysis and later passed away.

After watching documentaries like Food Inc. and Earthlings Victor decided to make the farm 100% organic which treats its small stock of free-range farm animals humanely.

The volunteer work is FREE and a $30 admin fee is required to book your place.

One of the best hands-on Organic Farm Courses in Ecuador is also run on the same organic farm. This intensive course is for those that wish to take their organic farming skills to the next level.

Victor writes:

The volunteers that I am looking has to be willing to work out-side. No necessary experience is needed because I can teach you everything you need to know on maintaining an organic farm. Everything is all hands on experience. Weekends would be your days off for traveling or just relaxing around the farm.

I am looking for a few volunteers to help me restore 100 yr old stone walls using all natural materials like abode. I am also constructing terraces like the Incas did for farming. This is a huge project that is at least going to take up 3-6 months.

I cook with 100% organic produce with 75% coming from my own farm.

– comfortable beds, hot water, free-wifi and organic food from the farm is provided for hard working volunteers.

Volunteer Work is FREE but an administration fee of $30 is charged to book your place.

Maximum Stay:
– Volunteers can stay FREE for 2 weeks at the organic farm
– In special circumstances volunteers may be asked to stay longer if they so desire.

To contact Victor use the contact form below or email
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