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You may have noticed to the right that a Go Overseas! Top Volunteer Blog badge has been added to the page to the right. Go Overseas is a great online community for anyone considering studying, teaching, volunteering or absolutely anything else to do with ethical travel abroad. If you have any questions with regards to any of the topics above make sure you check out their forums and you are sure to get a quick reply.

Being selected as a top blog was a funny and very welcome synchronicity because the moment I started to draft an email asking them if they would consider my blog for the South America section of the site I get an out of the blue email telling me they have selected my blog for the Volunteer Work section which actually suits it much better!

It also helped me realise a great way to increase the traffic to this site is to submit the blog the various blog directories out there in the blogosphere. This is important because the more traffic this site gets the more volunteers will become aware of and sign up for our volunteer programs which ultimately means we can make more of an impact in Ecuador!

So if you are reading this now and want to make a difference right now without even leaving your computer then consider showing this site to a friend, coworker, or anyone you know who might be interested in one of our volunteer programs.

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  1. ecuadorecoadventure Reply

    RT @se_da_luz: Go Overseas! Top Volunteer Blog #ecuador #environment #volunteer

  2. UK charities Reply

    Great to see the good work you guys are doing and encouraging in others. I have worked with

    UK charities on conservation proejcts in the past and it is a fantastic way to do something different. Hopefully I will get to Ecuador one day soon


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