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How To Plan An Adventure

Me at 22 showing my photos to the children of the indigenous community Arenal.

Me at 22 showing my photos to the children of the indigenous community Arenal.

Do you want to plan the adventure of a lifetime? Here’s some advice: don’t plan.

An adventure by definition is a daring expedition into the unknown and outside the comfort zone. An adventure is full of beautiful, unplanned, spontaneous and serendipitous events and where you end up is anyone’s guess but what you will find is priceless: yourself.

As an experienced backpacker and expat who has spent the last several years living and traveling around Latin America i’ve learnt a thing or two about life on the road. In fact, I filled a little PDF full of tips on how to plan the adventure of a lifetime in Ecuador and beyond.

Previously this ebook was shared with volunteers once they’d signed up at Ecuador Eco Volunteer but since changing the way this site works by connecting people directly with volunteer programs in Ecuador i’ve decided to put it in the public domain for anyone to download.

DOWNLOAD: How To Plan An Adventure Of A Lifetime

None of the information in this ebook been copied off the Lonely Planet or Wikipedia – its all my personal advice for backpackers that I have learned from trial and error living in Ecuador and around this continent.

This eBook is full of the type of travel tips and advice I would give to my younger self had I met him before he left his sheltered home of Sydney, Australia.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do get something out of it you’re welcome to share it with others who may too!

Follow the link to download: Plan The Adventure Of A Lifetime


  • Saeed Jafari Monfared
    June 19, 2016

    I want to change my life and live in nature and make new experiences….


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