Nariz del Diablo Train

It has taken years and billions of dollars to renovate the old Nariz del Diablo train and the track infrastructure which was designed at the turn of the 19th century for steam engines.

Unfortunately being able to ride on the roof of the train, one of the biggest drawcards for tourists, is no longer possible with the new modern carriages.

The reason they stopped the Nariz del Diablo: two Japanese tourists heads were accidentally severed when some thoughtless dumbass installed a cable over the train tracks.

How to get there

Do yourself a favour: visit the Nariz del Diablo by walking along the traintracks instead of taking this new overpriced and renovated train where you cannot ride on the roof. The trail that follows the train tracks starts beside the kick-ass Killa Wasi Hostel in Alausi.

Train Opens in Riobamba

During the inauguration ceremony of the Nariz del Diablo train in the city of Riobamba the governor of Chimborazo Province gave the speech instead of the mayor of Riobamba, Juan Salazar, who is widely perceived as corrupt. This sparked a rumour that Juan Salazar is “quemado” or “burnt” and other politicians now consider it to be a liability to associate with him as well as the belief he may be removed from power soon.

This is fantastic news for the people of Riobamba who believe the mayor has plundered the city for too long, and it gives kudos to the innovative social media campaign against him called Caos en Riobamba Sr. Salazar.

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