The Sounds of Latin America (Part 1)

Here are a few songs that embody the beautiful and diverse styles of music from Latin America. You will no doubt hear many of them once you arrive but for those among us that are impatient and prefer to be transported for the briefest of moments to this magical continent right now then click play!

I strongly advise anyone who is serious about learning Spanish to search for the lyrics online and study each and every song multiple times. This is one of the most powerful ways to learn another language and has helped me tremendously in learning Spanish and Portuguese as well as being one of my favorite ways to teach English to my students.

Lets start with the incredibly catchy song Matador from the Argentinian group Fabuloses Cadalics:

Here is a classic salsa tune by Oscar D’Leon called Lloraras (You Will Cry)

Now to introduce you to some Colombian Cumbia, here is Charlie Zaa with his song La Pollera Colora

Bob Marley move over here is Gondwana with some chilled Chilean reggae at its best -FELICIDAD!

For lovers of Hip Hop check out this super talented brother and sister duo from Porto Rico called Calle 13 – what I love about these guys is that true to hip hop style their is always so much meaning behind their songs. This video clip is hilarious and you dont need to understand the lyrics to know whats going on.

Here are the Mexican Latin Rock superstars Mana with Labios Compartidos

And finally we have a video clip with Quito in the background from a great Ecuadorian band called La Grupa. This song is named “Nada Comparar con mi Tierra” or “Nothing Compares with my Land” – if you have been to Ecuador you already know how true that statement is – enjoy!

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