Lise Blanchards Experience in the Amazon Rescue Center

Lise Blanchard, a medical student from Marseille France, has just returned from her volunteer work for two weeks in the Amazon Rescue Center. This is what she wrote about her experiences:

Lise Blanchard (France)
el centro Zanja Arajuno para salvar y rehabilit
ar animales esta llevado por un pareja muy amables. fui un experencia unica con los animales, fui muy dificile de salir despues. Ahora siempre me extranan.

Vive tranquila en un casa con una cocina y aqua caliente. el mas increible fui de caminar con los animales en el bosque para que se adaptar a buscar comidas. el fin del camina hay un rio muy bonito donde se puede banar.
Que chevere este lugar!

which translates to:

Lise Blanchard (France)
The Amazon Rescue Center Zanja Arajuno to save and rehabilitate animals is run by a very friendly couple. It was a unique experience with the animals and afterwards was very difficult to leave. Right now I always miss them.

I lived tranquilly in a house with a kitchen and hot water. The most incredible part was to walk with the animals in the jungle that are adapting to look for food. At the end of the path there is a very beautiful river where you can swim. How cool this place is!

Unfortunately Lise got her Camera stolen when she was riding on the Trolley in Quito. The Trolley is a cross between a bus and a tram that you can catch in Quito but be careful when its really packed because there are professional pickpockets who always roam the trolley. Lise got her back cut open with a razor and her camera snatched from the whole without her even noticing until she got off the trolley (like i said these guys are professionals) When traveling on the trolley always put your bag on your front instead of your back and your hand in the pocket with the wallet.

Fortunately Lise backed up all her photos on the computer at the Amazon Rescue Center…Lucky! Now she is off to Cuenca for a weekend before returning to her studies in France.

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