Inspiring TED Talk – Reforesting the Rainforest

I just finished watching an amazing talk on one of my favorite websites TED stands for Technology, Education, and Design and shows talks from leading thinkers, scientists, and activists from around the world who have “ideas worth sharing”

This particular talk was about the reforestation of rainforests on the island of Borneo where 1.3 million hectares (an area about one third of the size of Switzerland) is destroyed every year due to illegal logging and making way for Palm Oil. Something i found rather ironic is that the multinational corporation Nestle, which happens to come from Switzerland, has been one of the biggest users of the incredibly destructive palm oil in their famous chocolates like KitKat and are responsible (along with us consumers) for reaping so much destruction on the island.

Fortunately activists from organizations like Greenpeace increased the awareness of Nestles complicity in pillaging Borneo and destroying the rainforest to replace it with cheap palm oil plantations and consumers like you and me took notice and voted against their actions by avoiding their products. This forced Nestle to make an announcement that in the coming years they will completely stop using illegal Palm Oil in their products and switch to sustainable palm oil only and The Forest Trust ( will be monitoring them to keep them honest.

This is great news for the world and its forests and I applaud Nestle for coming to the decision. Unfortunately the millions upon millions of hectares of primary rainforest many times the size of Switzerland have already been destroyed and are now barren wastelands.

In the following TED talk i have embedded below the Indonesian biologist Willie Smitz gives an inspiring talk about how his NGO ( has quickly and effectively reforested parts of Borneo. If Nestle were genuine about their concern of the environment they would not only switch to sustainable Palm Oil but also invest in Willie Smitz organization and help repair the rainforest they have so grievously damaged.

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